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Generate Books. Quick and easy.

BookGen is a free  book-generation addon for the open-source 3D-package Blender.  It allows you to fill shelfs or cupboards with books – fast and easy.



  1. Download the .zip from link at the top
  2. Open Blender, click on “File” and open the “User Preferences”
  3. Switch to the addons-tab  and click on “install from File”
  4. Choose the .zip and click “install”
  5. Now Activate it by clicking on the checkbox next to it. Done.


Getting started:

After you installed the Blender addon as described above you can start it by clicking on “Add”. In the “mesh”-category you will find “Add Books”. If you click on that you will see some books in the 3D-Viewport. You can now use the settings in the operator panel to change the amount and the look of your books.


At the top of the operator panel you will find settings affecting all books:

The first box contains settings to change the proportions of your books:

The second box changes the details of the generated books:

Below those boxes there are some additional options:



Copyright Oliver Weissbarth 2014. This addon is licensed under GPLv3.


As this is still in Alpha state serious issues are possible. If you do find any bugs please email me at mail@oweissbarth.de or use the contact form.