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Impressions from Blender Conference 2012

This year I had the possbility to go to Blender Conference 2012 which is annual meetup of blenderusers and devolpers in Amsterdam.
When I arrived in Amsterdam on friday moring I was very curios about what it would be like.  After seeing all the people at this year’s location “DeBalie” I knew that this was going to be amazing.  And I was right!
I enjoyed the presentations as much as I enjoyed talking to all these intresting people.  In the following I will just mention a few.
I met Joseph Masaki an american artist who showed me some amazing procedural textures he created. One was a shader that gave objects a look like a closeup of a print. I am not the created of the this image it’s just based on a .blend file he allowed me to use for this.

printedshader by Joseph Masaki

Another very interesting thing was CADtools shown to me by it’s developer  Remigiusz Fiedler. He discribed it to me as an collection of mesh editing tools that are mainly useful  for architecs, engineers and designers. It adds the possibility to edit vertices of different objects as well as constructing things like walls and floors based on values. There are alot of other interesting functions to play with. I could imagine that these tools could speed up alot when learned how to use CADtools.
The downside of the CADtools is that due to a changed Python API in Blender 2.5+ it’s only availible and developed for Blender 2.49. As exlained to me by Mr. Fiedler you  don’t have the same possibilities as in Blender 2.49 when scripting for Blender 2.5+. For the Blender-Community I hope that this will change soon and the CADtools will get ported to Blender 2.6. The following Image was not created by me but I was allowed to use it by Mr. Fiedler. It can be found on the Project’s website at CADtools. You can also find additional Information there.
CADtools by Remigiusz Fiedler

There was also a talk by Jonathan Williamson on retopologizing an organic mesh using the  BSurfaces addon for Blender. It basically allows you to automatically generate mesh based on a grease pencil stroke you draw.  You can find a  video demonstration of this and more information on the tools website at BSurfaces.
Of course there were alot more. You can check all the presentations on the Blender-Foundation-youtube-page.
Let me know if you were there to and which presentation you thought was the most interesting one!

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