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Installation of Gimp 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Hi guys,
Gimp 2.8 stable was officially released. To install it on a Ubuntu 12.04 you will need to install the same packages as for the RC.
If you already used the release canidate of 2.8 installing will be as easy as downloading the source from ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.8/ and running:

sudo make install

If you did not install the release canidate before you will need to install some additional packages.
The following will be mostly copied from my guideline to install Gimp 2.7.5. I just corrected some things and added additional information.
When i write “configure, make and install <package>” i mean to navigate to the source location and run the following commands:

./autogen.sh /*if existing*/
sudo make install

If you got a multi-core-processor you can use multiple core when making:

make -j3 /*if you got a dual-core*/
make -j5 /*if you got a quad-core*/

You can download the archives by using:
wget <archive>

To extract the archives using commands use these ones:
For .tar.bz2:

tar -jxvf .tar.bz2

For .tar.gz:

tar -zxvf .tar.gz

For .tar.xz:

unxz .tar.xz
tar xfv .tar

– Download Gimp 2.8 Source from ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.8/ and extract to directory
– open terminal and navigate to your temporary folder
– update intltool by running:

sudo apt-get install intltool

– update gtk+ by running:

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

– install gtk-doc by runnning:

sudo apt-get install gtk-doc-tools
– install zlib by running:
sudo apt-get install libghc-zlib-dev
– install vapigen by running:
sudo apt-get install valac

– install python headers by running:

sudo apt-get install python-dev

– install pygobject by running:

sudo apt-get install python-gobject-dev

– install python-gtk2-dev by running:

sudo apt-get install python-gtk2-dev

– download an extract babl from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/babl/0.1/babl-0.1.10.tar.bz2

– configure, make and install babl
– download and extract glib from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/glib/2.32/glib-2.32.0.tar.xz
– configure, make and install glib
– download and extract gegl from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gegl/0.2/gegl-0.2.0.tar.bz2
– configure, make and install gegl
– if gegl doesn’t find your new glib try running:

sudo ldconfig

– download and extract pygtk from http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/pygtk/2.24/pygtk-2.24.0.tar.gz

– configure, make and install pygtk
– navigate to gimp folder
– configure, make and install gimp
You are ready!

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