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Getting more fonts on Ubuntu

Hey  there,

I recently try to install some more fonts on my Ubuntu System. Installing one single font is as easy as downloading it from somewhere and then clicking the install button, installing a mass of fonts is a little tricky as you don’t want to click on install for every single font.

In this quick-tip I’m showing you two ways to install alot of fonts from the Ubuntu repository.

Font packages are normally called “ttf-<name of the font>” or “otf-<name of the font>”. So you can simply install them using a wildcard.

To install all ttf-fonts use:

sudo apt-get install ttf-*

To install all otf-fonts use:

sudo apt-get install otf-*

This does not work if some font packages have unmet dependencies. So I created a little list of all the font packages that can be installed without any unmet dependencies. To do that just run for the ttf-fonts:

sudo apt-get install ttf-adf-accanthis ttf-adf-baskervald ttf-adf-berenis ttf-adf-gillius ttf-adf-ikarius ttf-adf-irianis ttf-adf-libris ttf-adf-mekanus ttf-adf-oldania ttf-adf-romande ttf-adf-switzera ttf-adf-tribun ttf-adf-universalis ttf-adf-verana ttf-aenigma ttf-ancient-fonts ttf-anonymous-pro ttf-aoyagi-kouzan-t ttf-aoyagi-soseki ttf-arphic-ukai-mbe ttf-atarismall ttf-baekmuk ttf-beteckna ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts ttf-breip ttf-century-catalogue ttf-comfortaa ttf-dejima-mincho ttf-denemo ttf-droid ttf-ecolier-court ttf-ecolier-lignes-court ttf-engadget ttf-essays1743 ttf-evertype-conakry ttf-f500 ttf-fanwood ttf-femkeklaver ttf-fifthhorseman-dkg-handwriting ttf-freefarsi ttf-georgewilliams ttf-gfs-artemisia ttf-gfs-baskerville ttf-gfs-bodoni-classic ttf-gfs-complutum ttf-gfs-didot ttf-gfs-didot-classic ttf-gfs-gazis ttf-gfs-neohellenic ttf-gfs-olga ttf-gfs-porson ttf-gfs-solomos ttf-gfs-theokritos ttf-goudybookletter ttf-hanazono ttf-inconsolata ttf-isabella ttf-jsmath ttf-junicode ttf-jura ttf-kacst ttf-kacst-one ttf-kanjistrokeorders ttf-khmeros-core ttf-kiloji ttf-komatuna ttf-konatu ttf-kouzan-mouhitsu ttf-lao ttf-levien-museum ttf-levien-typoscript ttf-lg-aboriginal ttf-lindenhill ttf-linex ttf-linux-libertine ttf-lyx ttf-manchufont ttf-marvosym ttf-mgopen ttf-misaki ttf-monapo ttf-motoya-l-cedar ttf-motoya-l-maruberi ttf-mph-2b-damase ttf-mplus ttf-nafees ttf-nanum ttf-nanum-extra ttf-ocr-a ttf-oflb-asana-math ttf-oflb-euterpe ttf-okolaks ttf-oldstandard ttf-opendin ttf-paktype ttf-prociono ttf-radisnoir ttf-rufscript ttf-sawarabi-gothic ttf-sawarabi-mincho ttf-sazanami-gothic ttf-sazanami-mincho ttf-sil-abyssinica ttf-sil-andika ttf-sil-charis ttf-sil-dai-banna ttf-sil-doulos ttf-sil-ezra ttf-sil-galatia ttf-sil-gentium ttf-sil-nuosusil ttf-sil-padauk ttf-sil-scheherazade ttf-sil-sophia-nubian ttf-sil-yi ttf-sil-zaghawa-beria ttf-sjfonts ttf-staypuft ttf-summersby ttf-tagbanwa ttf-takao ttf-takao-gothic ttf-takao-mincho ttf-takao-pgothic ttf-thai-arundina ttf-tiresias ttf-tmuni ttf-tomsontalks ttf-tuffy ttf-ubuntu-title ttf-umefont ttf-umeplus ttf-unfonts-core ttf-unfonts-extra ttf-unikurdweb ttf-uralic ttf-vlgothic ttf-yanone-kaffeesatz ttf-yofrankie

Or run this for the otf-fonts:

sudo apt-get install otf-freefont otf-ipaexfont otf-ipaexfont-gothic otf-ipaexfont-mincho otf-ipafont otf-ipafont-gothic otf-ipafont-mincho otf-pecita otf-stix otf-symbols-circos otf-yozvox-yozfont otf-yozvox-yozfont-antique otf-yozvox-yozfont-cute otf-yozvox-yozfont-edu otf-yozvox-yozfont-new-kana otf-yozvox-yozfont-standard-kana

I hope you found this useful. If you have any additional information or anything to add let me know it in the comments.

see you


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