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Blender Workshop 2013

Earlier this year I was again invited to do a one week workshop on how to use Blender at a local high-school.

So I had 5 days to teach Blender to about 15 students with little to no 3D experience. On the first 2½ days I thought the basics of what 3D-Graphics is and how to use the basic modeling and texturing tools within Blender. We did subdivision-surface-modeling as well as some basic uv-unwrapping.

In the second half of the week we planned and created a final scene. It’ s concept was developed together.

After some organisation they split into 2 group, each creating one part of the image. One group created the zeppelin the other did skycity in the background.


Each group then separated to create the individual parts of the zeppelin and the city. At the end of the week the image was nearly finished. There were only some texturing issues to be solved.

On Saturday there was open house at the school to show the school to potential new students. We had a room to present what we did , show our result and hopefully get people interested in 3D-Graphics.

All in all I have to say I’m very impressed what it’s to do within one week taking into account that most of the people working on this image never did any 3D-Graphics before.

I have to admit that I was a little worried if the single parts would fit together in the end, but I was surprised how well everything went. They did very well organizing themselfs and the groups. I was very happy to see how well they worked together and helped each other.

What I learned from the week is that people don’t believe you if you tell them something. They have to find it out themselfs. For example it seems to be hard to believe that creating good topology is important and saves you a lot of time later in the texturing process. xD

Another thing I noticed is that if You ask people what the most important point would be when it comes to modeling common answers are:”A good eye for detail” and “threedimensional imagination.” I would completely agree with these points, but I think there one point missing. While the workshops for more or less beginners, I noticed that one of the most difficult things is not to use the great modeling tools in Blender. Actually I was able to teach the basic modeling tools in half a day.
What I found people are having problems with is to see the structure of objects. What I mean by that is experienced modelers are looking at an object and see the basic structure of it.
What beginners have to learn is to break an object down into several parts. They have to ignore all the details and just to focus on the basic shapes.

I’m not saying you should just model without any details but if you register the structure of things you get an idea of how to start your model.

I am very happy how it all came out. I really enjoyed the time and the people I was working with. Thanks to you guys for not giving up even though it was frustrating at times I guess. I want to  thank my mentor Mr. Vorwerk for this opportunity. Thanks

render-time: about 66h


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